Wednesday 28-01-2015
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Tag Categories is the premier online resource for business strength ColdFusion Applications, CFX Tags and components.

Extensions for ColdFusion & Railo on Windows, Mac and Linux available.

Developers now have a market place for Custom Tags and Components they wish to sell to other developers.
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Teamwork Project Manager
» CFForumsExpress
CFForumsExpress is a ColdFusion Discussion Forums System that has the features, speed and scalability of the top PHP forum applications.

Developed from the ground up with CFMX 6.1 and 7 in mind it is quite frankly, the best Forum Solution on

Check out the features listed on the following page...
» UDI - Ultimate Database Interface
UDI - Ultimate database Interface is one of the most advanced custom tags selling on Using this fantastic custom tag, you can easily create an Access like interface to any number of your database tables. With over 13 custom interfaces for managing different table field types, UDI makes database management a quick and easy alternative to creating numerous custom view, edit, update and delete interfaces for your tables.
» CF_FileManager
CF_FileManager is a ColdFusion Custom Tag that allows for the remote administation of files and folders on a web server. The custom tag uses the same user interface as Windows Explorer and is cross browser and cross platform. Multiple files can be uploaded at one time with the components unique multiple file upload interface!
» ProLetterFusion 2.0

Create email campaigns, manage subscriber lists, manage bounces and view reports.

Have all your clients use the application while keeping their data seperate!

Sell Your Custom Tags
Selling your ColdFusion Components, CFX's and Custom Tags at CFTagStore is fast and easy.

Maximize your profits and save valuable time by uploading as many components as you like. You can update your listing as often as you wish.

Ways To Purchase
There are a wide variety of methods you can use to purchase tags from the store, if you do not have access to a credit card.

You can pay by money transfer, by cheque or by postal order!

To purchase any tag on this site by cheque, money transfer or any other method, please email

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top selling tags
CF_FileManager V3.2 (Cross Browser)
CF_FileManager V3.2 (Unencrypted)
ProLetterFusion V1.7.2 (Unencrypted)
CFBB Forums
CF_Zip Code Radius
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