Sunday 01-02-2015
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This site was built by and is maintained by Digital Crew Ltd.

More information on Digital Crew is available on our website at

The concept and passion behind the website comes from Peter Coppinger and Daniel Mackey, both senior software engineers at Digital Crew. Accounts Administration & Marketing is overseen by Cormac McCarthy.

Peter Coppinger

Peter Coppinger - aka TopperI wanted to build a website that addresses the needs of fellow ColdFusion developers. To make this industry profitable, we need to build quality Websites and Intranets as fast as possible. I've often thought, this MUST have been done before when developing projects, but searching the web is often fruitless as the few websites that cater for component exchange are often difficult to navigate and use. I wanted to change that.

Rapid Development using solid, proven Components is the way forward for development companies. Dan and I built this website as developers, for developers. We added all the features that we as developers wanted to see. I sincerely hope that you as a developer reading this will appreciate our effort and prehaps contribute to the site with your coding talent (your tags and components) and your suggestions.

Finally just a note to say that Dan and I are comitted to harshly reviewing all components and tags on this site to ensure that you, the developer get the highest quality tags and components that you need fast!

Best Regards and Thanks for using this site,

Daniel Mackey

Dan Mackey - aka Sarge (Daniel Mackey)Coldfusion is an amazing product and its real power comes from its extensibility through custom tags. There have been many times where I wanted to incorporate a feature in a project I was working on fast, but went about re-inventing the wheel because I couldn't find a reliable source for other developers custom tags!

My belief is that every programmer and designer has different strengths and weaknesses. The time spent looking for custom tags would be better spent developing the main project in this day of high competition and tighter deadlines. Thats where CFTagStore comes in! Leave other highly skilled developers build the components you need!

Peter and myself have worked hard to develop this great tag market place and will work in the future to maintain its high quality through extensive reviewing and informative opinions!

If you would like more information about anything on CFTagStore, dont hesitate in contacting me!

Thanks for using CFTagStore!


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