Thursday 29-01-2015
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Third party use of CFTagStore Logos

We welcome and encourage CFTagStore users to download and display on their websites any of our Conditional Use Logos below. We take pride in our many enthusuastic users, and this is one of the most important ways to spread our message and promote YOUR software!

You do not need written permission from CFTagStore to use the Conditional Use Logos on your website. The use however is subject to our Terms Of Use.

A written agreement with CFTagStore is needed before:

  • displaying any CFTagStore logos except the Conditional Use Logos
  • displaying any CFTagStore logos on printed products or elsewhere except on a website

Color Values for Main Logo:

Background Color: #292463 Red: 41 Green: 36 Blue: 99 Hue: 173 Saturation: 119 Light: 68
Light Blue Line: #3971B5 Red: 57 Green: 113 Blue: 181 Hue: 151 Saturation: 133 Light: 119
Main Logo Color: #FFFFFF Red: 255 Green: 255 Blue: 255 Hue: 0 Saturation: 0 Light: 255
Text Border: #000000 Red: 0 Green: 0 Blue: 0 Hue: 0 Saturation: 0 Light: 0

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