Thursday 18-12-2014
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    1. House Of Fusion
    If you are either a ColdFusion programmer or want to know more about the language House Of Fusion is the place for you.
    House of Fusion has been providing quality information and resources to the ColdFusion community since 1996 (and earlier before the site was around).

    Look around, make use of what they provide and if you've got a question, ask it to one of their mailing lists (like CF-Talk) or to Michael himself. BTW, that's Michael Dinowitz, host of House of Fusion and all around ColdFusion Guru since 1995.
    2. - The first place to go for ColdFusion
    If you are a Flash or Dreamweaver developer and are a ColdFusion beginner, this is the place for you. By the way, it's ColdFusion not Cold Fusion.
    If you have a background in server side programming like PHP, JSP, ASP, or CGI, you'll be up to speed with ColdFusion in no time. Check out the tutorials!

    Sign up for our newsletter! Happy coding!
    3. - A different style of learning online
    EasyCFM.Com allows you to easily learn ColdFusion by creating real world applications (such as integrating PayPal's I.P.N., creating Microsoft Word documents, creating custom tags and much more).

    EasyCFM.Com introduces at least three new tutorials each week, written by the webmaster (Pablo Varando) and also from individual people who post their own tutorials for visitors to learn from. If you are a beginner looking to learn or an expert looking to teach, EasyCFM.Com is the only place you'll need!
    4. CFMX Exam Buster at
    CFMX Exam Buster has over 750 questions designed to help you prepare for all aspects of the actual CFMX Certification exam. CFMX Exam Buster allows you to take eleven different tests, topic tests for your weak areas, and the ability to create random tests. During your test you can save your test in progress, submit comments, bookmark questions, pause your test, and much more.
    5. - The ColdFusion based MySQL Manager

    Built by Digital Crew and sponsored by, this online application is a FREE ColdFusion Application that generates a Windows Style GUI for managing any MySQL Database. CREATE, INSERT, DROP, UPDATE Tables, databases and fields with ease.

    Compatible with CF5 and CFMX, this application will grow over the next few months to a very powerful MySQL Manager!
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