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Frequently Asked Questions

I have purchased a tag but the download is pending. What should I do?

We are currently reviewing each developer who signs up to CFTagStore.com and purchases a component. Once we validate the developer, the download will become available.

This is to protect the developers selling their custom tags on CFTagStore.com against fraudulent transactions.

Can I purchase a tag or component using PayPal?

Pay by PayPalYes. You can checkout and pay on the Tag Purchasing Page using both a Credit Card and PayPal. After your payment has been accepted, your tag will be available to download in your account.

Please Note:
When paying with PayPal and using an eCheck, the sale will be credited to your account when the eCheck clears using PayPals IPN (Instant Payment Notification). To speed the delivery of your component up, please contact info@cftagstore.com and we will do our best to facilitate you.

My Account has been created! When I sell something, how do I get the money?
Developers usually like to receive their balances after $100 or so is accumulated. 1 month is required between payments to prevent fraud and facilitate refunds.

We pay developers using PayPal.

Please contact info@cftagstore.com for information on our payment procedures.

I opened an account, uploaded my tag,  how do I make money from it?

CFTagStore is all about marketing and organising your software in a manner that makes it sell. When you open an account and upload your tags, be sure to be thorough in your description of your software. Highlight is main features and show good examples of how other developers can quickly and easily incorporate it into their own projects. Supply documentation links and sample usage demos. This will best show case your software and give people an idea on its advantages to them. If they choose to buy your software, you get the biggest percentage of the sale. CFTagStore takes a commission of 15%, so be sure to budget that into your pricing model. We're proud of the fact that unlike other sites that sell components online, they are no extra and hidden costs for the purchasee.

Is the content on CFTagStore.com edited for quality?

Yes. We reserve the right to disable a tag or application we do not feel adds value to CFTagStore.com. You will get an email from CFTagStore.com if this is the case.

How can I advertise on the frontpage?
The frontpage is the most lucrative place to advertise on CFTagStore. You can email our Advertising Department with a request for more information and pricing.

What advantages does signing up to the newsletter give me?
Users who sign up to the newsletter are guarenteed a host of significant advantages. Unlike most newsletters, ours is actually useful and informative! The newsletter is usually published bi-monthly and includes latest tag reviews and useful information on how to incorporate these tags into your projects. Special offers and discounts are regularl features of the newsletter as are testimonials from other tag users and case studies from developers using specfic tags. 

Is my software safe on CFTagStore?
Your software is 100% Safe on CFTagStore. Only people who have paid for your software can download it. They can only download the software they have purchased from with in their account. There is no external link to your software from outside a customers account.
How do I know when a sale of my software occurs?

When a customer purchases your software, a notification email will be sent at the exact time of purchase. You can use this email to arrive in your inbox or to have it sent to your mobile phone, PDA or Pager if you are on the move. 

Can I edit my profile and software at any time?
Yes. Your CFTagStore account is available to you 24/7/365 can all changes are reflected instantly. Every single piece of information supplied can be edited as many times as you see fit .

What about transacting online. Is my credit card and personal information safe?  

We use Worldpay PLC. for our credit card transactions. No credit card details are held on our server and all transactions are carried out over Secure Socket Layer connections on Worldpays Secure Server.

Your personal information is used entirely for our internal use and is 100% guarenteed not to be disclosed or sold on to another 3rd party.

What is a voided sale?
A voided sale occurs when the credit card used by the purchasing developer has been used in a fraudulent manner or a duplicate sale occurs with a valid credit card. Please check the Void Reason for more information.
Can I download software I have purchased again and again? 

All software you have purchased is available to you in your CFTagStore account and can be downloaded as many times as required. Please pay close attention to the licensing agreement of the software you have purchased. E.g: Is the software you purchased only allowed to be run on a single server?

As an added bonus, customers who purchase software on this site are guarenteed they are receiving the latest version uploaded at all times and will be notified if or when a new version is uploaded by the author. 

Is CFTagStore related in any way to Macromedia Corporation?
No. CFTagStore has no legal or business relationship with Macromedia Corporation. CFTagStore is a market place for Coldfusion compatible custom tags primerily aimed at Macromedia Coldfusion but also Blue Dragon. The software,tags and components for sale on CFTagStore is aimed at complimenting or enhancing the funstionality of Macromedias Products.

When I purchase a tag, component or application, how do I receive the software?

When you  purchase software on CFTagStore.com, you have 14 days to download it. If the software has been updated in the last 14 days and your purchase date is more than 14 days, you will still be able to download your software.

If you have any problems with downloading purchased software, please email info@digital-crew.com

Can I link my website to CFTagStore?

We welcome and encourage CFTagStore users to link to our website and to promote its existance in any method adhering to our Terms Of Use.

For more information please refer to the following page: CFTagStore Third Party Branding

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