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UDI - Universal Database Interface Version 3.9

UDI - Universal Database Interface Version 3.9 - The trial is fully functional - please check it out!! Updated!
Developer Name: Peter Coppinger
Company Name: Digital Crew
Email Developer Email Developer:
Latest Version: 3.9
Price: $100
License: One Copy per Website.
Encrypted: No
Average Rating:
Times Rated: 44
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Tag Comments

UDI - Great component.......
I have been using this component for some time now and I find it very easy to use. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Posted on: Tuesday 11 Feb 2003
By Karl Prendergast

UDI - Saved the day
I needed a fast and simple way to allow a client to upload images and update his database driven web site. UDI is just what I needed. It saved me hours of development time and my client is happy with how easy it is for him to use it. Great job. Looking forward to the next release.

Posted on: Wednesday 19 Feb 2003
By George S. Forsyth

UDI - Great tool, great support
Just when I i saw another weekend go down the drain because I had to program yet another add/edit/update site for a very large database, I found UDI. With this great tool, the programming was done in less then two hours, on a friday night! And the rest of the weekend was for me! And the service for the tag is great too! I had a few minor problems, but they fixed for me over night! Thumbs up!

Posted on: Friday 23 May 2003
By ErikJan Jaquet

It Just Keeps Getting Better
More important than it already being a great product, I'm impressed that the developer continues to look for ways to make it even better! We use UDI as the backend of our soccer site and it's never failed us.

Posted on: Tuesday 08 Jul 2003
By Lee Smith

Super Program
I have been using various versions of this tag for the past year and am just now starting to fully appreciate its ease and convenience in managing the databases on my site. You can set up an interface to any database on your site in minutes with absolutely no programming experience.

Sometimes I find myself setting up a database so that i can use this program where a simple script would work as well. I have to stop doing that!

Posted on: Thursday 10 Jul 2003
By John Pollard

Powerful tool - easy to use!
I am using UDI 3.9 as an ad-hoc query interface for the users on my intranet. UDI has a ton of great features, is a snap to start using, and the response from the developer has been great. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase and look forward to new enhancements!

Posted on: Friday 14 May 2004
By David Solomon

Super component
Best tag ever - we are using it for an internal training site that has forms everywhere. This tag has saved my sanity...can't stand edit/update/delete forms.

Posted on: Thursday 02 Sep 2004
By Sara Ogsbury

This tool rocks!
This tool rocks. It speeds development by an order of magnitude. Stop wasting time and get this tool. It will pay for itself on your first project.

Posted on: Wednesday 04 Jan 2006
By Dion McCormick

Another Fantastic Tag by Digital Crew!
After installing CF_Filemanager, we ventured into this promising application. Skeptical at first, but after seeing how well Their file program worked, it didn't take long to see how radically this tag could change our entire way of thinking- by allowing us to put up well crafted, custom forms for all of our use. This saved the web project for us, we would have never been able to make all those forms without this!!!

Posted on: Thursday 11 Jan 2007
By Frank Bennardo

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What Is UDI - Universal Database Interface Version 3.9?
This tag is a dcCom component; it renders an interface to manage any data held in a database table. Digital Crew guarantee this tag will save you time and money. Read the user comments! Try the examples! View the code to see how easy it is to use! Download the fully functional evaluation version! You will be impressed.

UDI Version 3.6

"If this tag doesn't save you money (by saving hours of wasted time), i'd be very suprised. Look at the comments and decide. I promise you, you will love this!" - Peter Coppinger aka Topper, Digital Crew.

NEW: Tabs!! simply add tab="My Tab" to any interface line and you've got nice tabs.
NEW: More interfaces: Support for FCKEditor, links, email addresses and much more.
NEW: Ability to have a "link table" updated from a record view.
NEW: Form mode - use UDI to quickly display forms on your websites. Saves hours!

UDI Documentation

UDI Examples

If your have data in a database table, UDI can manage it... here
are a few quick examples...

UPDATE Oct 2007: These examples are very dated and don't show the true power of UDI. I will be updating them in the coming weeks.

Example 1 - User Management Example 2 - Content Management Example 3 - Inventory Management
Example 1 - User Management Example 2 - Content Management Example 3 - Inventory Management
View Example 1 View Example 1 View Example 1
View Code for Example 1 View Code for Example 1 View Code for Example 1

UDI News


NEW: Tabs!! simply add tab="My Tab" to any interface line and you've got nice tabs.
NEW: More interfaces: Support for FCKEditor, links, email addresses and much more.
NEW: Ability to have a "link table" updated from a record view.
NEW: Form mode - use UDI to quickly display forms on your websites. Saves hours!

Added support for MOZILLA and LINUX!
Everything except the WYSIWYG now works in all modern browsers. The
WYSIWYG will also be upgraded to work in all browsers for the next release.
Also you now have the "file" interface for uploading and selecting files.

NEW TO UDI Version 3.6:
Added full support for MX - scalar problems fixed.
Added "note" attribute - displays a note under a fields name on the edit form.
Fixed bug with listall="yes".
Dumped text size from WYSIWYG drop downs.
Added WYSIWYG deleting of absolute paths.
Fixed bug with defaultFrameSetting - was cfset not cfparam for overriding.
Added automatic conversion of some symbols such as the EURO to code for text, textbox and wysiwyg.

NEW TO UDI Version 3.3:
Faster, better and slicker with more options.Upgraded included support modules dcSelectImage and dcSelectDate.

NEW TO UDI Version 3.2:
Added Key_UUID and Key_Text support. Improved Search. Fixed Load of Bugs.

NEW TO UDI Version 3:
UDI us now a SMART TAG! - That is, UDI now has a built-in interface editor - this allows you to build complete database interface without doing ANY programming! To start a new UDI interface that will self-edit, save and run the following code:

<cf_dccom COMPONENT="UDI" currentTemplatePath="#getCurrentTemplatePath()#" editInterface="yes">

Save your developers hours upon hours, instantly generate powerful interfaces to your database tables to manage everything and anything that can be stored in a database. This component should be part of every developers toolbox!

Built using Digital Crew's powerful dcCom component architecture.

NOTE: ColdFusion MX 7 users need to have all the latest ColdFusion updates installed.

UDI Features

  • SMART TAG - Self Editing Mode (No Programming!)
  • Easy to use, built in documentation
  • Create complex interfaces with only a few lines of code
  • Support for MySQL, Access, MSSQL and Oracle databases.
  • Supports most standard form input mechanisms and more
  • Foreign Key reference queries supported
  • Reports mismatched foreign references in record chooser
  • Not Null Integrity Checking before update submission
  • Display/Value Lists Supported
  • Number Ranges supported
  • HTML WYSIWYG Support: Advanced Image insertion and editing Standard formatting options Familure Interface Toggle WYSIWYG to HTML
  • Compound key support
  • Simple to use interface
  • Updates performed in background to reduce latency
  • DHTML for speedy updating and advanced interface control
  • Looks like real database application - familiar interfaces
  • Error catching and reporting
  • Dynamic (no refresh) column sorting performed on client side for speed
  • Highly customisable
  • Permission control - Control New Record Permission, Control Delete Permission, Control Edit Permission
  • Integrated security - ensures no URL bypass
  • Advanced Image Support:
    • Simple to use interface created from few lines of code.
    • Image uploading Server-side image selection.
    • Secure Folder Traversal
    • Auto image Resizing on upload option
    • Advanced thumbnail generation
    • Resizing
    • Define thumbnail naming convention
    • Optionally seperate thumbnail and image folders
    • Thumbnail based image selection
    • Will use generated thumbnails if they exist or else fake thumbnails from real images
    • Thumbnail referential image integrity
  • Optional Confirmation on Deletes
  • Many Interface Types: number, boolean, boolean_yn, select_number, html, text, textbox, image, password, select_text,WYSIWYG
  • Input Validation & Integrity Validation
  • Text Primary Keys
  • Multiple Select

This is a standard dcCom component. dcCom is a new and powerful open source framework for component development with coldfusion.
dcCom is SMART, dcCom components NEED NO INSTALLATION and all components come with BUILT-IN DOCUMENTATION which can be accessed through the bundled comBrowser.

Self Editing Explained:

Simply write, save and run:

<cf_dcCom COMPONENT="UDI" currentTemplatePath="#getCurrentTemplatePath()#" editInterface="yes"></cf_dcCom>

and the self-editing interface for UDI will be available. Using this interface you can easily define all the fields and options for the interface and it will program itself for you!! This will or should amaze you! See the screenshot below to get an idea. Download the trial using the button at the top of the page if your unconvinced.

Sample Code

<cf_dcCom component="UDI"

<cf_dcCom field="id"

<cf_dcCom field="image"
display="Advert Image"

<cf_dcCom field="advertHTML"
display="Advert HTML"

<cf_dcCom field="title"
display="Advert Title"

<cf_dcCom field="link"
display="Advert Link"

<cf_dcCom field="showIt"
display="Show It"



If you have any queries whatsoever about using dcCom and/or the UDI Component, you can contact the support team at


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