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CF_TreeControl - DHTML Cross Browser Replacement For CFTREE
Developer Name: Daniel Mackey
Company Name: Digital Crew Ltd.
Email Developer Email Developer:
Latest Version: 1.3
Price: $40
License: One Copy per Website.
Encrypted: Yes
Average Rating:
Times Rated: 30
Rate This Tag:

Tag Comments

Brililant Replacement
CFTree has always been an annoyance - am very glad these obviously very talented coders created such a good replacement. They were also on hand very quickly with any questions I had. Thank you!!!

Posted on: Wednesday 04 Feb 2004
By Simon Whittaker

Great control & great support
This tag works great. Easy to output queries into navigational trees with parent/child relationships.
And the support from the developer is great. I had some questions and the developer answered them for me straight away. Highly recommended.

Posted on: Tuesday 17 Feb 2004
By William Bailey

Outstanding Support
This tag works great and is easy to set up and customize. Support from CF_Tagstore has been amazing. These guys have really gone the extra mile to help this relatively inexperienced CF'er!!

Posted on: Wednesday 18 Feb 2004
By Mike Cunningham

What a sweet little tag!
Very rarely is there a tag that is simple to use and adds great value and functionality to a web application. CF_TreeControl is just that tag.

Rarely do I leave a comment for something that I have paid for but this tag and its developer(s) truly deserves no less that an A+ rating and the best kudos possible.

I want to thank you guys for giving me a simple, cost-effective and truly useful solution to my navigation woes!!

Posted on: Tuesday 02 Mar 2004
By Jeffrey Lemire

Great Tag - Better Support
Quite simply, the customer service I've received from digital-crew before and after the purchase of the tag has been outstanding.

This is the way customer sevice should be everywhere!

Posted on: Thursday 18 Mar 2004
By Kevin Gammons

Disregard Previous negative comment
I was hasty in posting a negative comment. The developer did not receive my email and has responded. The product could use more examples but is a great product!

Posted on: Monday 11 Oct 2004
By Steve Landon

Much Faster than CFTREE
Just the tag I've been looking for to
replace CFTREE and it's associated Java
related problems.
Works great.

Posted on: Monday 31 Jan 2005
By Al bennett

A very good alternative
If you are in need of a lot of control over the tree, I would highly suggest just requesting the unecrypted version to begin with. Otherwise, nice alternative if you like cftree but want to get around applet related problems, or the flash versions not being able to customize much. Had some issues originally, but were resolved. Looking forward to browsing the store for other interesting tags!

Posted on: Wednesday 18 Jul 2007
By Ryan Bentley

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What Is CF_TreeControl?
CF_TreeControl is a cross-browser DHTML tree control which can be used as an alternative or replacement for CFTREE. CF_TreeControl relies on DHTML instead of a JAVA applet, allowing everybody to experience the tree control without the limitations or hassle of installing a JAVA Applet or Signed JAR file. Perfect for Coldfusion Hierarchical Tree Creation.

CF_TreeControl V1.2
Version 1.3

What is this tag?

is a DHTML based (cross-browser) alternative or replacement of CFTREE, the Java applet tree control packaged with ColdFusion.

Perfect for Coldfusion Hierarchical Tree Creation.


  • No Java Applet or JAR file to download or install
  • DHTML based Tree Control
  • Fast
  • Persistant
  • Control every aspect of the tree using CF parameters
  • Customizable styles - 4 packaged styles (See Below)
  • Cross Browser (5G Browsers - IE5.5+, Mozilla 1.3+, Netscape6+)
  • Easy to implement
  • Unlimited levels (branch/child depth)
  • Specify icons and styles
  • Much more...

How to use the Tag:

<CF_DCCOM component="treeControl" title="My Tree Control">

    <cf_dccom id="1" parent="0" display="Branch 1" icon="musicFolder.gif" iconOpen="folder.gif"></cf_dccom>
    <cf_dccom id="2" parent="1" display="Branch 1 - Child 1"></cf_dccom>
    <cf_dccom id="3" parent="1" display="Branch 1 - Child 2"></cf_dccom>
    <cf_dccom id="4" parent="0" display="Branch 2"></cf_dccom>


Full list of Tag Attributes:

WIDTH Width of control
HEIGHT Height of control
TITLE Title of root node
STYLE Style of component
HREF Link of root node
TARGET Target of root node
ROOTICON Root node icon

Full list of Sub Tag Attributes (Tree Control Items):

ID Id of tree control element
PARENT Id of tree control Parent element
DISPLAY Title of tree control element
HREF Link for tree control element
TARGET Target of tree control element link
TITLE ALT of tree control element
ICON Closed icon for tree control element
ICONOPEN Open icon for tree control element
EXPAND Show element expanded or collapsed

Have you got questions whether this is the tag for you?

If you are unsure if CF_TreeControl is the tag for you, please feel free to contact me by email
CF_TreeControl is so customisable that it can be used in almost any situation where tree navigation is required.

Suggested Uses

CF_TreeControl is an ideal replacement of the built-in ColdFusion Tag CFTREE.

Users do not have to download and install an applet or JAR file and the DHTML version is significantly faster as a result. All the functionality of CFTREE has been emulated in DHTML so modifying your existing code has been made as easy as possible.

Use CF_TreeControl as a site navigation, Intranet Project Navigation or a document/file structure.

Use Javascript or Links as the target of each node. Use a query object with the tag to make dynamic navigation for your website, intranet or online application.

Un-Encrypted Version

If you require the unencrypted version of CF_TreeControl please email

Available Styles

CF_TreeControl is easy to modify to suit your needs. You can add your own custom styles, change the icons and CSS or modify existing styles.

There are 4 packaged styles with the component: Default, Windows, Java and Mac

Screen Shots



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