Sunday 01-02-2015
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ProLetterFusion 2.0 Encrypted

ProLetterFusion 2.0 Encrypted - Powerful ColdFusion Email Sending & Tracking Application
Developer Name: Daniel Mackey
Company Name: Digital Crew Ltd.
Email Developer Email Developer:
Latest Version: 2.0
Price: $215
License: One copy per developer.
Encrypted: Yes
Average Rating:
Times Rated: 4
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What Is ProLetterFusion 2.0 Encrypted?
ProLetterFusion is a powerful mailing and email tracking application. Create email campaigns, track bounces, opens, links clicked etc Manage subscriber lists, create subscriber forms and import email campaigns from templates or online newsletters.


  • Create Campaigns
    • From Templates
    • From Online Pages
    • From a file on your computer
    • Using a WYSIWYG Editor in the application
    • Customise the emails using firstname, lastname and email address
    • Customise the subjects using firstname, lastname and email address
    • Choose multiple subscriber lists or/and manually add email addresses
  • Create Subscriber Lists
    • Using forms on your website
    • By importing a CSV file
    • By Manually copying a list of emails into the application
    • Double-Opt in option for subscribers
    • Option to send a welcome email when a subscriber signs up
  • Automation Tools
    • Automatic adding of unsubscribe link in all emails
    • Automatic generation of subscriber forms for your website
    • Tool to help convert CSS into inline styles
    • Subscribe/Unsubscribe display pages/urls
  • Reports
    • Check subscribers who opened email
    • Check subscribers who clicked a link
      • See which links they clicked
    • Check subscribers that bounced
    • Check subscribers that unsubscribed
    • Check subscribers that did not click a link
    • Check subscribers that did not open the email
  • Administration
    • Create / Edit / Delete clients
    • Create / Edit / Delete users
    • Create / Edit / Delete templates
    • Give users access to client data
    • Give users access to templates
  • Templates
    • Create client specific templates
      • HTML & Text Templates
      • HTML Only Templates
      • Text Only Templates
    • Create your own templates
  • Bounce Management
    • See which of your subscribers bounced
    • Supression lists for bounced and unsubscribed email addresses
  • Email Sending
    • Choose to embed images in the email
    • Queue a campaign up for a specific day
    • Send the campaign straight away
    • Choose to receive a confirmation email when campaign is sent.
    • Scheduled task used to send emails so your lists can be as big as you need!
  • More
    • ProLetterFusion 2.0 has many other great features! Too many to list in full!


  • Server Side
    • Database MySQL 5.0
    • ColdFusion, Railo, BlueDragon
    • Windows Based Server
  • Client Side
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer 6/7
    • Google Chrome
    • Apple Safari
    • Opera

Support & Updates

As with all Digital Crew products, support is very important to us. You can email with any comments, suggestions or queries or call us on +353 21 427 7778 9am-6pm Mon-Fri GMT Times.

Support is free if related to the product. Updates are free and released frequently.

Documentation & Screenshots

You can view the documentation, FAQs and Screenshots for ProLetterFusion 2.0 at the following URL :


ProLetterFusion 2.0 is available in 2 flavours:

  • Encrypted Version
    • Full featured product
    • Encrypted source code that cant be modified
  • Un-Encrypted Version
    • Full featured product
    • Un Encrypted source code you can modify for your own needs

If you would like to use ProLetterFusion in a bespoke application, please contact for more information.


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