Thursday 29-01-2015
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Tag Categories Tag Service is proud to introduce our tags feed service.

The tag feed service allows other sites to remotely access our list of Custom Tags, Components and Applications and list them on their own site.

The tag feed service delivers all active tags on as a WDDX packet which can be de-serialized to a query on another site.

This WDDX feed can be de-serialized and manipulated with ASP, CF, PHP, JSP, VB or Perl.

Tag Fields
Tag Id tagId
Tag Name tagName
Tag Version tagVersion
Tag Encrypted tagEncrypted
Tag Price tagPrice
Tag Description tagDescription
Tag Rating tagRating
Developer First Name developerFirstName
Developer Last Name developerLastName

WDDX Tag Feed Link

The address to connect to to receive the WDDX Feed is:

This can be retrieved using CFHTTP or by making a direct call to the link.

Filtered WDDX packet

You can also pass a filter term to the Tag Feed, which will force the feed to only return tags whos title contains the filter expression.

You can do this by passing:

Where #expression# is a string to be contained in the TagName

De-Serializing WDDX packet

Once you have received the WDDX packet to a variable, use CFWDDX to de-serialize the packet to a Coldfusion Query.

The code below assumes you have the packet in a CF variable called #wddxPacket#

<cfwddx action="WDDX2CFML" input="#wddxPacket#" output="myTagQuery">

Using the newly formed query object

You now have a Coldfusion Query Object which you can use to output all the tags in the format you like. Using the variables in the table to the right, you can present all our tags on your own site or in your own application.

Creating a link to a custom tag from the query object

For each tag in the query object, you have access to the tagId
You can use tagId to create a link to the display page for that particular tag by linking to:

Help and more information

If you require any help or more information regarding processing the Tag Feed, please email

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