Saturday 31-01-2015
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CF_FileManager V3.2 (Unencrypted)

CF_FileManager V3.2 (Unencrypted) - File and Folder Management Component
Developer Name: Daniel Mackey
Company Name: Digital Crew Ltd.
Email Developer Email Developer:
Latest Version: 3.2
Price: $200
License: One Copy per Website.
Encrypted: No
Average Rating:
Times Rated: 14
Rate This Tag:

Tag Comments

Great Tag
I've shown this tag to others on our web team and to one end user so
far. Their response has been "that's great!".

We will likely be buying additional licenses for our other web sites as
we think up more uses for this.

Posted on: Tuesday 04 Mar 2003
By George Hill

I love this tag!
I love this thing it is awesome and I can't wait for the upcoming features such as the zip one that you mentioned.

Posted on: Saturday 12 Apr 2003
By Paul Landers

This tag is unbelievable
I have been involved in writing high-end CF applications for a long time, and this is easily the best application I have ever seen - and for only $100, how can you go wrong? Looks, feels and acts almost exactly like Windows Explorer, and installs in like 11 seconds! If you need to be able to perform file and/or folder management via a browser, then I cannot recommend this tag highly enough.

Posted on: Tuesday 23 Sep 2003
By Neil Bailey

Awesome Piece Of Work
We just purchased cf_FileManager for use in an application in development and I can't believe how
EASY it was to implement. I had a SECURE upload feature for our end-users ready to go in minutes. Amazing.

Its simplicity of use and feature set make this tag a tremendous value: simple for the developer and easy for end-users because of its standard interface. I can't recommend it highly enough. These guys know what they're doing.

Posted on: Friday 31 Oct 2003
By Richard Goldstein

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Posted on: Friday 05 Sep 2014
By Donna

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Posted on: Friday 05 Dec 2014
By Angie

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What Is CF_FileManager V3.2 (Unencrypted)?
CF_FileManager is Coldfusion custom tag to facilitate the manipulation of files and folders in any application.


CF_FileManager is Coldfusion custom tag to facilitate the manipulation of files and folders in any application.

The component is easy to implement in an existing application, and you can have more than one component on each page.

The most exciting feature of this component is its familiar user interface, the default style is based on the Windows Look and Feel.

To manipulate a File or Folder, all you have to do is Right Click on the name and a context menu provides the available operations.

Check out the online demo!!!

  • Icon Type Association
  • Linux and Windows Compatability
  • Right Click Context Menu
  • Upload Progress Indicator
  • Download files from any directory
  • Filter Files and Folders
  • Browse Directories
  • Upload Multiple Files
  • NEW - Download multiple files as zip file
  • NEW - Add descriptions to files and folders 
  • Updated multiupload reporting
  • Edit Files
  • Copy/Move/Add/Delete/Rename folders
  • Copy/Move/Delete/Rename/Edit files
  • Multiple Selection with CTRL Key
  • Sort files/folders by Name/Type or Size
  • Administration Restrictions Available
  • Fully skinnable
  • Resizeable to fit your application
  • Show status bar at the bottom of the control
  • Cross Browser (Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Netscape)
  • Locked Folders
  • Show/Hide Hidden files/folders
  • File/Folder Properties
  • Language Support (German, English, French)
  • Much More...

Download CF_FileManager V3.2 Documentation and Product Information PDF

Have you got questions whether this is the tag for you?

Live chat by Boldchat
If you are unsure if CF_FileManager is the tag for you, please feel free to contact me either by email or by clicking the LIVE Chat icon.

CF_FileManager is so customisable that it can be used in almost any situation where file handling is required.


Partial list of Tag Attributes:

WIDTH [Pixels or Percentage ] Width of component
HEIGHT [Pixels or Percentage ] Height of component
FOLDER [STRING ] Folder for file manipulation
ALLOWFILEDELETE [YES|NO ] Allow deletion of files (YES|NO)
ALLOWFOLDERDELETE [YES|NO ] Allow deletion of folders (YES|NO)
ALLOWFILERENAME [YES|NO ] Allow renaming of files (YES|NO)
ALLOWFOLDERRENAME [YES|NO ] Allow renaming of folders (YES|NO)
ALLOWADDFOLDER [YES|NO ] Allow addition of folders (YES|NO)
ALLOWUPLOADFILE [YES|NO ] Allow upload of files (YES|NO)
ALLOWFOLDERBROWSING [YES|NO ] Allow folder browsing (YES|NO)
ALLOWCOPY [YES|NO ] Allow copying of files and folders
ALLOWSORT [YES|NO ] Allow sorting of data (YES|NO)
ALLOWFILEDOWNLOAD [YES|NO ] Allow download of files (YES|NO)
SHOWTOOLBAR [YES|NO ] Show Simple Toolbar (YES|NO)
STYLE [STRING ] Style for control to be rendered (YES|NO)
UPLOADACCEPT [STRING ] String containing accepted MIME types for uploading
FILEFILTER [Comma delimited String ] Comma delimited string containing files to hide
FOLDERFILTER [Comma delimited String ] Comma delimited string containing folders to hide
LOCKEDFOLDERFILTER [Comma delimited String ] Comma delimited string containing locked folders
FOLDERMASK [String ] A name to mask the real path name
SHOWHIDDENFILES [YES|NO ] Show hidden files
SHOWHIDDENFOLDERS [YES|NO ] Show hidden folders
DOWNLOADTYPE [NonDirect|Direct ] Download Type
ITEMORDER [toolbarFirst|locationFirst ] Order of menus
LANGUAGE [English|German|French ] Language for CF_FileManager
LEADINGSLASH [YES|NO ] For compatability with ISAPI Filters
ALLOWFILEEDIT [YES|NO ] Allow file editing
TEXTEDITLIST [Comma delimited list ] List of allowed edit extensions
ALLOWCOPYSHORTCUT [YES|NO ] Allow copying names to clipboard (IE Only)
DBLCLICK_EXTENSIONS [Comma delimited list ] Eg: htm,txt,ini etc
DBLCLICK_ACTIONS [Comma delimited list ] viewHTML.cfm,editTxt.cfm,editIni.cfm
DBLCLICK_TARGETS [Comma delimited list ] popup,iframe,popup
TITLE [Comma delimited list ] Title of component
SHOWMOUSEBUTTON [YES|NO ] Show mouse button on toolbar
SHOWPROGRESSONUPLOAD [YES|NO ] Show progress bar on upload form

How to use the Tag:

<CF_DCCOM component="dcFileManagerV3" folder="c: inetpub wwwroot " width="100%" height="100%" folderfilter="dell,asp,books" filefilter="nice.txt" showToolbar="yes" ></CF_DCCOM>

Requires Internet Explorer 6/7 (PC), Mozilla 1.3+ (All platforms), Mozilla Firefox (All platforms)

Latest Version : CF_FileManager V3.2

For Queries & Support :

Documentation :


  • 18 August 2008 - Fixed multiple file upload in Firefox 3



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