Wednesday 28-01-2015
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CFX_Excel2Query - Transform a Microsoft Excel file into a ColdFusion query without installing Excel on your server!
Developer Name: Ryan Emerle
Company Name:
Email Developer Email Developer:
Latest Version: 1.1.4
Price: $50
License: One Copy per Server.
Encrypted: Yes
Average Rating:
Times Rated: 13
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What Is CFX_Excel2Query?
Transform a Microsoft Excel file into a ColdFusion query without installing Excel on your server! This tag is written in 100% java, so there is no need for the dreaded COM. This tag works best with simple Excel files, but many have had luck with extremely complex files.

Download the latest version direct from the author

Attribute Req'd Description
file Yes full path the Microsoft Excel file
r_qResults Yes the variable in which to store the resulting query
firstRowIsHeader No specifies whether or not the first row of the Microsoft Excel file should be used for the column names in the query
sheet_name No specifies a specific worksheet name (case sensitive) to use from the Microsoft Excel file
sheet_num No specifies a worksheet by a number (zero-based; first sheet is zero, second sheet is 1, etc) - If sheet_num and sheet_name are both specified, sheet_num is used.
columnlist No the list of column names in their original order is returned to the variable you choose here (especially useful when firstRowIsHeader)
startRow No The row number, starting at 1, you would like to start from
maxRows No The total number of rows from startRow that you want to return
longNames No Use zero padding on column names (i.e. column001,column002,..,columnN)


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