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CFX_HTTP5 - HTTP communications
Developer Name: Andrei Kondrashev
Company Name: Adiabata, Inc
Email Developer Email Developer:
Latest Version: 7.5
Price: $50
License: One Copy per Server.
Encrypted: No
Average Rating:
Times Rated: 65
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Tag Comments

Incredible Multi-threaded performance
This tag is way better than the standard CF_HTTP tag that Macromedia includes.

The incredible thing about this tag is that you can execute SIMULTANEOUS HTTP requests and begin concurrent processing of results (or other CF code) while waiting on the response.

We used this tag on one of the busiest e-commerce travel sites for a long time (still use it) to ingest a variety of web based services and we slashed the processing time because of the simultaneous execution offered by this tag.

Awesome tag, I would highly recommend it!

Posted on: Monday 22 Dec 2003
By Jeff Russell

Very Stable, Very Quick
We replaced our existing java based tag with this one, which we use to request xml life insurance quotations from insurance companies. After a few initial niggly problems which were promptly fixed by the developer this tag is now superb and we put it live in production almost immediatley. Its fast, with the old tag it was taking up to a minute to retrieve around 30 quotations, this time has now been reduced by between 10 and 20 seconds. I would definatley recommend it for anyone who has a requirement to make multiple http requests at the same time.

Posted on: Monday 12 Jan 2004
By Paul Tyson

Great Workaround for CF 4.5 CFHTTP bug
CF 4.5 apparently has a bug that keeps it from releasing unresponsive CFHTTP requests even after they timeout, which in short order restarts CF Server automatically and/or brings the system performance to its knees. This was happening to our server around 10 times a day.

cfx_http5 was the only cfx tag I could find as a CFHTTP substitute that suported secure http (HTTPS) without deviating too far from CFHTTP syntax. Although this tag seems to be more well known for its asynchronous HTTP processing, I found it to be a lifesaver in regular old synchronous use. HTTP requests made by this tag are indeed let go after they timeout. We have had no HTTP related unresponsive threads or HTTP related CF Server restarts since implementing it.

Posted on: Wednesday 21 Jan 2004
By Gerry Stanford

Fantastic, easy to use.
I just purchased it today and ran a test. I picked 16 URLs. First I tried downloading them sequentially, 4 times each (64 page grabs total). Took 35 seconds. I then ran it using the tag, making all 64 requests simultaneously. Took 5 seconds total. Incredible! Finally - multithreading potential - at least with respect to CFHTTP type requests - in Cold Fusion! Good job!

Posted on: Sunday 25 Jan 2004
By Chris Ulrich

Perfect alternative to CFHTTP
Great tag. I could not get CFHTTP to work on a secure server, but this tag did it in minutes. I highly recommend it.

Posted on: Sunday 25 Apr 2004
By Gavin Irons

Fastest, Most Reliable Tag by Far
After using CFHTTP for several years (CF 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 & MX) and having to deal with CF server hangs and restarts, we switched to CFX_HTTP5 and have been extremely pleased. Since deploying this tag 5 months ago, WE HAVE NOT HAD A SINGLE CF RESTART OR HANG and boy, is it fast. Nightly batch processing used to take six hours under Macromedia's version. This tag completes the job in 45 minutes! This tag is extremely reliable and a steal for the price!

Posted on: Saturday 04 Sep 2004
By Larry Schack

Indispensible for SOAP, ebXML
Don't even think about using the std CFHTTP tag if you need to do HTTP via CF. CFX_HTTP5 allows you to add, delete and tailor your own HTTP headers (e.g, SOAPaction and MIME) so you can create valid SOAP and ebXML messages. The developer is responsive and helpful, and the tag seems rock-solid reliable.

Posted on: Monday 20 Sep 2004
By Wm. Alexander

Great for AJAX and RSS/Podcast page grabs!
I am using this tag to snag real-time traffic speed reports for Houston roadways for parsing and displaying results. The url is passed to CFHTTP5 via AJAX and the display is lightening fast. I also use it to grab data from voice navigation recordings...super fast....highly recommended!

Posted on: Wednesday 04 Oct 2006

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What Is CFX_HTTP5?
CFX_HTTP5 is a state-of-the-art fully customizable high performance C/C++ tag (0% Java; 0% COM; 0% MFC) that can be used instead of CFHTTP in ColdFusion applications on MS Windows platform. Both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported.

  • Take complete control over HTTP request and response (like Referer, Content-type, cookies, redirects, and so on).

  • Control and report authentication scheme to be used in HTTP request: Basic, NTLM, Digest, and others.

  • Fixes most of known CFHTTP-related problems in ColdFusion 4.5, 5.0, and MX.

  • Use tag's asynchronous mode to execute many HTTP requests SIMULTANEOUSLY within the SAME ColdFusion page.

  • Execute HTTP requests on background, while reading a database, for example.

  • Progress monitoring of long-running downloads.

  • Selective downloads based on specified content types.

  • Tag maintains its own independent of ColdFusion threading and requests queuing.

  • Increase the performance of your Web-site by deploying true multithreaded applications.

  • Sessions - chained HTTP requests that share state and authetication credentials.

  • Trouble-free HTTPS communications.

  • Advanced timeout settings - both TCP/IP and HTTP-based.

  • Very small executable. No external dependencies, except WinHttp API.

  • Built-in GZIP decompression of the content.

  • Built-in base64 encoding of binary content.

  • Client-side Digital Certificates support.

  • Unicode and Code Pages support (CF MX and later).

  • Able to support access to any Web-service.

  • Two versions of the tag included: 32-bit and 64-bit.

  • Tag is built on WinHttp 5.1 API - native Windows HTTP layer - and, therefore, supports all security and authentication protocols, regardless of whether ColdFusion supports them or not. Built-in per-request security context switch.

    Tested under ColdFusion 3.1, 4.5, 5.0, 6.x, 7.0, 8.x, and 9.0 on hundreds educational, commercial, and governmental Web-sites worldwide.

    Unlimited lifetime support. Free upgrades from any version to the most current version. $50 credit good for purchase of any software on CFTagStore for any reproducible bug found (version 5.2 or later).

    Increases the speed of HTTP communications up to 64 times. Proven to be the best and fastest HTTP connectivity tool on the market. Times faster than Macromedia's HttpAgent. More flexible and effective than MX 7's Async Gateways. Faster, than anything you can, possibly, program in Java.

    Critical portions of the code were written in manually optimized Assembler to provide the maximum performance. CFX_HTTP5 will outperform any other ColdFusion, Java, .NET, or PHP tool.

    Note for CFMX 6.0 users. The tag may or may not work under CFMX 6.0. The tag itself is CF version independent. However, due to unexplainable reasons some users have reported problems when using CFX_HTTP5 with CFMX 6.0. It does not mean the tag does not work - we just do not support it on MX 6.0.

    Create real mulithreaded and distributed applications in any version of Cold Fusion.
    Launch up to 64 independend "threads" than can run on the same or different physical machines.  The main thread uses non-preemtive multitasking to control other threads and serves, as a merging point for results of other threads. You can drastically increase the performance of your application by re-distrubuting complex tasks between different machines and executing them in parallel.

    Scenario 1
    Imagine you need to query three HTTP servers in order to build the resulting page. It takes 1 sec for the first server to respond, 2 sec - for the second, and 3 sec - for the third. If you use standard CFHTTP tag, it will take at least 6 sec (1+2+3) to build the final page. With CFX_HTTP5 you can do it in 3 sec (max(1, 2, 3)). You also can start processing some shorter responses while longer ones still executing.

    Scenario 2
    If you need to query a HTTP server (takes 3 sec) and execute a query against a database server (takes 5 sec), you will need at least 8 sec to build the response page using standard tools. With CFX_HTTP5 you could launch the HTTP request and execute the database query in parallel. Therefore, you need only 5 sec to get external data. Moreover, you can run HTTP queries on background of a lengthy processing that you may have.

    The package includes:
    - Tag DLL;
    - Documentation;
    - Test/demo CF scripts;
    - WinHttp 5.1 (needed for Win NT only);
    - Lifetime warranty.

    Note that the licensing is per physical machine.  Volume discounts and site licenses are available.  If you legally own CFX_HTTP5 and would like to get the latest version of the product, just e-mail us.

    If you need help in building high-performance communications, consulting services available: e-mail.


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