Sunday 01-02-2015
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CFX_JZip - ColdFusion ZIP Archive Tools
Developer Name: Daniel Mackey
Company Name: Digital Crew Ltd.
Email Developer Email Developer:
Latest Version: 1.1
Price: $49
License: One Copy per Server.
Encrypted: Yes
Average Rating:
Times Rated: 3
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What Is CFX_JZip?
CFX_JZip is a ColdFusion Custom tag programmed in Java for the manipulation of ZIP files


CFX_JZip is a ColdFusion Custom tag programmed in Java for the manipulation of ZIP files.

You can CREATE, EXTRACT and LIST files compressed in ZIP Archives.

The option to extract singular or all files from the archive is available. You can compress a list files or a whole folder, including sub folders and files. You can list all files and folders in an archive and have the results returned as query to your ColdFusion template.


  • Extract a specific file from archive
  • Extract all files from an archive
  • Extract files and path names
  • Preserve folder names on extraction
  • Create a zip file from a list of files
  • Create a zip file from a folder
  • Preserve paths in zip file when zipping a folder
  • List all files and folders in a zip file
  • Set compression level for creating zip files
  • Many moreā€¦


    Below are a list of examples on using CFX_JZip

    For more information, please email

    Creating a ZIP File by passing a list of files
    <cfx_jzip action="CREATE" file="" fileList="c:file1.txt, c:file2.txt">

    Creating a ZIP File by passing a folder to compress
    <cfx_jzip action="CREATE" file="" folder="c:my documents">

    Reading a ZIP File and setting a ColdFusion Query
    <cfx_jzip action="LIST" archive="" name="myQuery">

    Extracting a single file from a ZIP Archive
    <cfx_jzip action="EXTRACT" file="c:myZipFile.txt" folder="c: " archive="">

    Extracting all files and folders from a ZIP Archive
    <cfx_jzip action="EXTRACTALL" folder="c: " archive="">

    We have tested CFX_JZip on ColdFusion Version 5.0, and ColdFusion MX 6.1 / 7.0 / 8 on Windows.


    For additional support queries, comments or suggestions, please email or telephone +353 21 427 7778 Monday to Friday 9am-6pm GMT


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