Saturday 31-01-2015
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CFX PDF (Adobe PDF Generator)

CFX PDF (Adobe PDF Generator) - Create Portable Document Format (PDF) Files
Developer Name: Trevor Linton
Company Name: Easel Two Interactive
Email Developer Email Developer:
Latest Version: 2.2
Price: $200
License: One Copy per Server.
Encrypted: Yes
Average Rating:
Times Rated: 25
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Tag Comments

image format means at best 72DPI on imported images
Image import seems to allow only importation at screen resolution. Thus, if I have a 200 DPI image that is an 8.5X11, it imports considerably larger than the page. It also means that regardless of image imported, one can only show the image at 72DPI. This may be a limitation of PDF itself, or it may be a limitation of the tag. Regardless, it won't work for my purposes.

Posted on: Tuesday 19 Aug 2003
By Pat

Note on resolution
8.5x11 is a ratio not a size, however when you develop a PDF with these systems it cannot create a image that's ratio so it picks an arbitrary ratio of 8.5 by 11. This conforms to a 72DPI standard. If you wanted to use 200 DPI you would need to set the 8.5x11 ratio (width and height) in pixels to what conforms to a 200 DPI then place your image. When the image is viewed or printed it will be at 200DPI based on the pixel width you specify. You can also scale your image down until it fits with in the image and leave it at 200DPI which may result in some quality loss. v1.3 will support a scaletofit="true" that will scale your image to the PDF document preportions without effecting the resolution.

Posted on: Tuesday 19 Aug 2003
By Trevor Linton

image format means at best 72DPI on imported images
I must have missed the SCALE attribute in the image doc. I swore I looked for something like this, but didn't find it. Perhaps I have an old version of the docs? Regardless, reducing my image by 200/72 scale ought to give me the desired effect.

Also, had their not been a note that eval copies receive no support, I'd have emailed before posting ;-)

Posted on: Wednesday 20 Aug 2003
By Pat

why haven't you bought this yet?
this tag is great.
trevor helped me get it running and after learning simple synatx .. kicking out pdf's.


Posted on: Friday 02 Jan 2004
By Benjamin Jones

Tag is very limitted - documentation and examples are worst I've ever seen
I assume the lack of examples showing how to take a rich HTML table and make it a rich PDF file out don't exist becaue it is not possible with this tag. The tag, being a coldfusion tag, doesn't support coldfusion tags. If you have conditional logic, for example to put a value in your pdf file based on whether or not a user selected yes or no at a radio button, your out of luck with this tag.

Posted on: Tuesday 03 Aug 2004
By Bill Dietz

Where are the examples?
Looks quite interesting.

However, the lack of examples raises a huge red flag...

Posted on: Wednesday 01 Sep 2004
By Irv

Examples in Trial
There are examples in the trial download and I found it very easy to configure. My only wish is it supported more HTML tags and CSS.

Posted on: Thursday 23 Dec 2004
By Andrew

Well, version 2.2 CLAIMS to support CSS. However I have found this support to be so buggy and incomplete that it's hardly worth the name. (No cascading to speak of, no margin or padding control for divs, no borders, limited support for the body tag, poor selector support, etc etc)

Posted on: Friday 28 Jan 2005

Slow. Possible Memory Leak
Great idea but this tag is a bit raw.
If you use the read capability the file
sizes end up being and leat 4 times the
original. I've yet to be able to read a
file larger than a 1mb. It chokes the
server. Looking forward to the next version.

Posted on: Monday 31 Jan 2005
By phoo

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Posted on: Saturday 24 Jan 2015
By Sammy

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What Is CFX PDF (Adobe PDF Generator)?
The CFX PDF tag allows coldfusion applications to generate PDF documents.



CFX PDF is a development tool for PDF-enabling your web applications or generating PDF documents on your server. CFX PDF saves you time by taking away the complications in developing PDF's by providing a simple to use TAG based system.  CFX PDF is self contained and does not requre any additional software to run. CFX PDF runs on all commercial platforms and is thread safe!

CFX_PDF v2.2 Features:

  • Coldfusion 5 and Coldfusion MX (6,6.1) Support
  • Platforms: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux, Solaris Support
  • HTML to PDF Conversion including CSS support
  • Adobe FDF Support
  • Adobe Forms Support
  • TrueType, OpenType and Type 1 Fonts Supported
  • Full tabling support including nested tables
  • Justification and Alignment Support
  • Import all types of images including JPG,GIF,PNG,TIF,BMP
  • Position objects with an absolute X, Y coordinate position or add them to the document relatively.
  • Prebuilt document sizes (A4,LETTER,LEGAL,NOTE)
  • Absolute height,width document sizes
  • CJK & Unicode Support for multilanguage support including Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew and Arabic
  • Free Minor Upgrades & Bug Fixes
  • Ability to render high-resolution images 
  • Password Protect your pdf's with 48bit, 128bit encryption
  • Ability to disable PDF modifications or printing 
  • Read in and modify existing PDF's
  • Geometric Vector Shapes
  • Text Columns
  • Support for text pivoting,

CFX_PDF generates PDF's directly in memory and does not require outside servers. This tag is thread safe and can be safely used in multi-threaded server applications. CFX_PDF has been rigorously tested for memory leaks.

CFX_PDF offers an easy-to-use programming CF Tag interface for the application programer. The API simplifies the technicalities of PDF Generation for the user.

CFX_PDF is a self contained set of CF Custom Tags and CFX Java Tags that are self suffecient and do not require you to install extra software.

If you have general questions or require support please email


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