Friday 30-01-2015
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FAQ Manager AJAX Version

FAQ Manager AJAX Version - Coldfusion FAQ Ajax Version Module
Developer Name: Gurpreet Singh Randhawa
Company Name: Randhawaworld Inc
Email Developer Email Developer:
Latest Version: 1.0
Price: $70
License: One Copy per Server.
Encrypted: No
Average Rating:
Times Rated: 15
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What Is FAQ Manager AJAX Version?
Faq Manager:
AJAX Faq System is a simple based FAQ system. Many featured Faq Management software. Search through many categories. and add comments to articles. Fully Ajax Based and Theme Manager in built make changes and change colors to any color matching your website color.


1. Fixes Bugs
2. More Enhancements
3. Compatible with CF 9 & Both CF 8

Users Panel features:

·         Add New Category

·         Request Article to add to FAQ Database

·         Ask a Question From Administrator.

·         View all faq questions.

·         Rate faq questions

o   Rating fully on AJAX like.

·         Email the selected article to your list of friends.

·         Print the articles.

·         Add comments to the articles.

·         Save the article to your hard disks.

·         Full Validation provided within the system.

·         No need to refill the details if added wrong. Fields values persist there.

·         XSS Stop Attack provided. Complete security over FAQ’s

·         Complete Pagination provided within faq’s.

·         Search capabilities to search faq from the database.

o   Advanced Search

·         Completely standalone version.

o   Can be embedded with any system.

o   Simple and elegant Design

·         Links management.

o   View links

·         Poll Module

o   Previous Poll Answers

o   Graphical view of poll system.

o   Cannot rerate the poll once rated.

·         Themes

·         And lots of other features.

Admin Features:

·         Add/edit/manage links

·         Add/edit/delete Comments

·         Add/edit/delete/answer questions

·         Manage polls

o   Add Poll

o   Edit poll

o   Activate poll

o   Deactivate poll

o   Graph show link activation

·         Change admin

o   Add new admin

·         Add/edit/delete categories

·         Add/edit/delete pending articles.

·         Add/edit/delete/approve articles

·         Delete attachment from articles.

·         SEO Enabled

o   Enable/Disable SEO tags

·         View all articles on single Page.

·         View Statistics of all the Articles/questions/comments.

·         Make New Themes. Delete Themes.

·         Theme automatically loaded to default once the active theme is deleted.

Every Module build in with AJAX and No Page Refresh’s. The admin module and the front is fully based on AJAX.

Please see the demo.

And many other customizable features.


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