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CF_ProFlashUpload V1.7

CF_ProFlashUpload V1.7 - The Best Multiple File Uploader on the Net
Developer Name: Peter Coppinger
Company Name: Digital Crew
Email Developer Email Developer:
Latest Version: 1.7
Price: $50
License: One Copy per Website.
Encrypted: No
Average Rating:
Times Rated: 17
Rate This Tag:

Tag Comments

Thank you for this tag
This tag helped me tremendously in our latest application to manage users images. The amount of control we have over each uploaded file allowed us to build the application in ColdFusion as opposed to using PHP for this section as we always had difficulty uploading multiple files in ColdFusion. At last we have a solution to this lack of inbuilt ColdFusion functionality. Thank you Crew!

Posted on: Tuesday 25 Jul 2006
By John Peilow

Best solution for multiple file uploads so far..
I completely agree with the tagline, this really is the best solution for multiple file uploads I´ve stumbled upon so far. Good looks plus an extremely easy installation and usage puts this on my list of absolute favourites.

Posted on: Monday 02 Oct 2006
By Christian Sonehed

A winner
Chances are this tag will solve every issue you have ever had with uploading using coldfusion. Very easy to implement and excellent customisation options and to round it off, the tag produces a good looking upload form.

Posted on: Wednesday 13 Dec 2006
By Oli Blackwell

TEN stars for this tag - 5 aren't enough!
ProFlashUpload a GREAT tool! Flexible and reliable, exactly what we needed to fit a variety of uploading scenarios and functionality needs. All this plus Digital Crew's prompt and excellent support - truly a winner. Thanks!

Posted on: Thursday 25 Jan 2007
By Jan at Triad IMS

Great tag. See in action on my site.
This is an awesome tag! Does exactly what it should and the support is awesome! I use this in production on my site - - you can see it there when you place an ad and upload a pic for the ad. I looked at several tags, and java and CF specific functions. None were as easy to use and support or error proof as this one.

Posted on: Thursday 10 Jan 2008
By Derrick Peavy

Great Tag. Support is the real winner!
This tag works perfectly. My comment, though, is in regards to the support I received while having an issue (not directly related to the tag). Peter helped me with my issue, and now I'm up & running!

Posted on: Thursday 10 Apr 2008
By Carl J Samuelson

Error Message upon Install of full version - No Response to repeated calls for help.
Tag worked great when testing. However, when we purchased and installed the full version, it threw an error. Emailed support 3 times now and there has been no response for over 30 hours.....

Posted on: Thursday 23 Apr 2009
By John Suryan

Another Awesome Tag =)
This is an amazingly handy tag, and i managed to get it working in no time. Support for me was very quick ... excellent :)

Posted on: Tuesday 21 Jul 2009
By James Tanner

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What Is CF_ProFlashUpload V1.7?
This widget creates a interface that allows your site user to easily upload multiple, even hundreds of files to your server. Each file has an individual progress bar and there is also an overall progress bar. The upload rate is also displayed.







Jan 2008: Loads of improvements. Now supports clustered servers for enterprise deployment.

February 2007: Documentation for ProFlashUpload updated added to Digital Crew Documentation Portal.

Update Nov 2006: Added fileListVariable attribute. If used, the list of uploaded files will be remembered in SESSION[fileListVariable]. Now at version 1.4

Update Nov 2006: Added includeOnUpload attribute which allows users to perform additional processing.

Update Oct 2006 #2: Fixed issue with HTTPS on some servers. Fixed minor issue with ColdFusion 5. Now at version 1.3

Update Oct 2006: Fixed minor issue with licensing - now at Version 1.2. Thanks for all the positive feedback and compliments!

The component allows you to use a multiple file upload component of any size as part of any ColdFusion application. It is extremely easy-to-use. You can call the component passing in just the upload directory and nothing else. Or you can use any of the advanced options to customise security options, file-type options and the look-and-feel of the component.

One of the nicest features of this component are per-file progress bars. The upload rate is also displayed along with the overall progress.

The demo is completely functional - just download it and you'll be up and running in minutes.


Works in all modern browsers.

Mac Safari user's - you need the very latest version of Flash.

Free support and upgrades.

The full source code and unlimited site license can be purchased.


The look an feel of this component can be easily customised to match your website. (I know these examples are garish - it's just to demonstrate :p )

Example Syntax

<cf_dccom component="ProFlashUpload" folder="#folder#"></cf_dccom>


Visit for full documentation and usage guide.

<cf_dccom component="ProFlashUpload" folder="[full path to directory on server]"
  [maxFileSize=(NUMBER:Maxmium Size in KB,default=0(unlimited))]
  [maxfiles=(NUMBER:Maximun number of files allowed in upload,default=0(unlimited))]
  [filter=(String:File extension filter,default="All Files,*.*")]
  [jsOnComplete=(String:Name of javascript function to call when upload complete)]
  [jsReturnFiles=(Boolean:Should the list of uploaded files be returned to the javascript?,default:no)]
  [width=(NUMBER:The display width,default=300)]
  [height=(NUMBER:The display height,default=200)]
  [color=(Text colour,default=0x000000)]
  [themeColor=(Theme to use,one of:{"Green","Blue","Orange"},Default="Green")]
  [redirectURL=(The URL that the user should be redirected to once complete,default:none)]
  [showUploadButton=(Should the upload button be shown?,default:yes)]
  [showResetButton=(Should the reset button be shown?,default:yes)]
  [headerBGColor=(Replacement background color,default=none(set from theme))]
  [headerTextColor=(Replacement background color,default=none(set from theme))]
  [txtBrowse=(Text for browse button,default="Browse")]
  [txtRemove=(Text for remove button,default="Remove")]
  [txtReset=(Text for reset button,default="Reset")]
  [txtUpload=(Text for upload button,default="Upload")]
  [txtStop=(Text for stop button,default="Stop")]
  [nameconflict=(Action to take if uploaded file already exists in folder on server. Options are Skip, Overwrite and MakeUnique. Default is MakeUnique.)]
  [includeOnUpload=("Name of file to cfinclude to perform additional processing on uploaded file")]
  [fileListVariable=("If provided, the list of uploaded files will be stored in SESSION[fileListVariable]")]

Licensing & Purchasing

The component use per-website licensing.
When you purchase this component - you can register the website(s) you want to use this component on from your My Account page.

When running the demo on a live website, it will display a banner saying "Unregistered Version - Click here to purchase". Simply clicking that banner will bring you to a page on where you can purchase a license for the current website.

When you purchase the licence, the banner will no longer appear.




When major upgrades for a component are released, we email all of that products
customers to let them know - and get this... all upgrades are free!


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