Friday 30-01-2015
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Google Analytics Server side

Google Analytics Server side - Send Google Analytic page views using a server side component
Developer Name: Mitchel Mol
Company Name: Aelion
Email Developer Email Developer:
Latest Version: 1.0
Price: $50
License: One Copy per Server.
Encrypted: Yes
Average Rating: Not Rated
Times Rated: Not Rated
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What Is Google Analytics Server side?
This tag allows you to send server side Google Analytic statistics to your Google Analytic account

  • This tag only allows to track page views (events are possible but not with this tag)
  • Since this is server sided you will miss some of the statistics that the JavaScript version generates.
  • You can mimic the page title
  • You can mimic what the current page is for this page view
  • You can mimic the referrer.
  • If you want proof contact me and I will spoof some page views to the Google Analytic account that you choose.
  • This is a single CFC and one CFM to demostrate the use.
  • There is a CF9 version and a CF8 and older version. (the CF9 version uses accessors)


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